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How to Write a Nursing Research Paper and Why Seek Assistance

Creating a nursing research paper is pretty much like writing any other research paper. You follow similar rules for structure, formatting, and style.

Whether you’re pursuing a BSN, ADN, MSN, or DNP, the chances are high that you’ll be writing this paper during your studies. Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to begin and finish a research paper in nursing in a way that not only earns you an excellent grade but also enhances your understanding. That’s what this section is all about – providing insights on writing a compelling copy and explaining why seeking assistance from reputable nursing writing services can be beneficial. So, let’s get started!

A Research Paper for Nursing: Defining its Essence, Structure & Format

A research paper in nursing is a type of academic writing assignment completed by nursing students. It focuses on a specific topic chosen by the student or assigned in class and showcases a student’s academic writing and research skills. These papers usually rely on evidence from reputable sources like journals and books, typically published in the last five years.

Nurses in clinical practice, education, evaluation, or methodology also write these papers. To create one, they gather evidence to support a particular topic, following a systematic process of research to explore facts, apply theories, and draw conclusions. The length of such a writing assignment can vary, starting from around 5 pages.

Below is a breakdown of how to structure your nursing paper.

  • Title Page

The title page is crucial as it gives your professor a quick idea of your paper’s quality. It should typically include the title, your name, course details, university, professor’s name, and submission date.

  • Abstract

This section summarizes your paper in about 200-250 words. It’s essential for giving readers a quick overview of your project.

Pro writing tip: Avoid using acronyms and citations here. Follow APA or Harvard guidelines.
Note: It doesn’t count towards the word limit unless specified.

  • Introduction

This is the first chapter of your work, comprising about 10% of the word count. It should include a hook, background information, the issue you’re addressing, and your study’s aim or thesis.

Pro writing tip: Make sure to outline the scope and purpose and introduce the PICOT question (if applicable).

  • Literature Review

This is where you:

Explore existing literature related to your topic.
Discuss theoretical frameworks, scientific theories, concepts, and other relevant aspects.
Showcase strong research, organization, and writing skills by integrating ideas and critically approaching the content.

  • Methodology

In this chapter, your supervisor expects you to detail the methods used for data collection, such as qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods approaches.

Pro writing tip: For statistical papers, explain analyses, including variables and software employed (e.g., R or SPSS). Then, report sampling techniques.
Note: If secondary sources are utilized, specify and outline exclusion and inclusion criteria.

  • Results and Discussion

This is where you present your findings and discuss them using information from your literature review.

Pro writing tip: Avoid definitive statements. Discuss any limitations and present data using graphs or tables if needed.

  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Conclude by summarizing the research problem, methodology, and findings. Restate the thesis differently from the introduction, keeping this section 10% of the total word count.

Pro writing tip: Make sure to relate findings to the literature review and suggest future research directions.

  • References

Format references alphabetically in A-Z order according to APA or Harvard guidelines.
Pro writing tip: Ensure all references used in your work are scholarly. Include links where necessary.

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10 Steps to Good Nursing Research Paper Writing

Here’s how to write a nursing research paper that effectively communicates all your ideas and contributes to the field:

Understand the Assignment

Before writing your paper, carefully read the instructions and grading criteria provided by your supervisor. This step is crucial as it will help you grasp what’s expected, preventing you from missing important points and losing marks. Take time to understand the topic, structure, and deadline.

Choose a Topic You Like

If you can pick your topic, choose something you’re interested in, like geriatrics, patient safety, or nurse education. Ensure there’s enough data available, especially in scholarly journals. Feel also free to ask for help with my nursing research paper. Professional writers can easily select the best topic or work with yours, no matter the complexity and the information available.

Plan Your Work

Nursing papers can be analytical, argumentative, or expository. Plan your work after understanding the instructions and the required word count. Draft the structure, outlining major sections and approaches.

Start Early

Avoid last-minute rushes by beginning work on your project early. It’s true even if you ask for help from a nursing research paper writing service. Ensure you and your writer have enough time for nursing research and proofreading the finished work.

Use reputable databases such as Cochrane Library, CINAHL, or Google Scholar for accurate information. Develop a thesis statement as you gather your findings. Our specialists do that by default.

Organize Your Research

Organize potential sources using citation management tools. Create a bibliography following the required format. This step ensures your research is structured and helps you link relevant resources.

Create an Outline

Develop a clear outline and use it as a roadmap for your project. This aids in presenting major points, organizing sections, and maintaining a logical flow. Consider using the Pomodoro technique for efficient writing sessions. Our service also offers an outline as a separate paper you can order.

Formulate a Thesis Statement

Clearly state the main idea of your research. Even if you’re not arguing for or against something, having a definitive thesis sets a clear purpose for your work.

Write Your Paper

Begin writing based on the outline. Start early to allow for breaks and revisions. Write in your own words, citing sources appropriately to avoid plagiarism. Focus on clarity and strength in your arguments.

Include Proper Citations

Properly cite quotes, paraphrased information, or ideas from other sources to avoid plagiarism. Use in-text citations and provide a reference list at the end of your work.

Proofread and Edit

Before submitting your project, thoroughly proofread and edit it for structure, content, grammar, and formatting errors. Make sure it meets the requirements and guidelines provided. Check and adjust your thesis statement as needed.

In case you get stuck, consider getting help writing nursing research paper from qualified subject-matter experts like the ones we have here at They can assist you with everything from choosing a compelling topic, doing research and analysis, crafting any chapter of your paper for you, and even proofreading your draft and integrating your supervisor’s comments – all fast and in line with your instructions!

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