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65 Essay Topics for Nursing Students and Writing Tips From Experts

Before completing your nursing degree, you will need to create hundreds of different types of essays to showcase your skills in a specific area of specialization. Given the extensive nature of nursing, it might take hours of time to select a truly compelling focus point for writing a worthy copy. But worry not! In this article, we’ll discuss what a nursing paper is and things to consider when picking nursing essay topics. We will also suggest a list of potential focus points within various specializations to save you time and stress.

What Is a Nursing Essay and How to Choose a Topic

This type of paper is a focused examination of one particular aspect of nursing. It lets students demonstrate what they know in theory and how they will use this knowledge when taking care of patients. Imagine it as a journey showing the challenges and successes of a newbie nurse.

Selecting a focus point is a crucial step in writing your paper. Therefore, before learning how to write a nursing essay, be sure to pick the right idea that’s:

  • Specific
  • Relevant
  • Unique
  • Explorative
  • Meaningful
  • Interesting

When deciding on a focus point, consider the type of paper you’re assigned to write. Also, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from your professors, mentors, or professional nursing writing services if you get stuck. Their input can help make your nurse essay topics more specific and guide you toward successfully completing the writing task.

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15 Best Nursing Application Essay Topics

Here’s a list of potential nursing application essay topics that can help showcase your commitment to the profession and make you a top applicant:

  1. How my life experiences shaped my readiness to start a career in nursing.
  2. Reflecting on the life circumstances that influenced my decision to pursue a profession in this domain.
  3. Reflecting on a patient interaction and its influence on my professional journey.
  4. Overcoming challenges on the path to a nursing career.
  5. Defining my individual nursing philosophy.
  6. The significance of effective communication skills within the domain.
  7. Examining the impact of technology on nursing practices.
  8. The crucial role of empathy in the field of nursing.
  9. Embracing diversity and enhancing cultural competence.
  10. Navigating ethical dilemmas specific to field-related practices.
  11. Aligning nursing with my personal and professional goals.
  12. Addressing a significant healthcare problem and proposing potential solutions.
  13. Exploring the origins of my interest in the field and its development.
  14. Highlighting the importance of patient-centered care and ethical considerations.
  15. Analyzing the advantages and hurdles of assuming a leadership role.

10 Reflective Essay Topics Nursing to Consider

These self-reflective essay topics nursing can serve as inspiration within your writing process, so check them out now!

  1. My educational pursuit towards becoming a nurse.
  2. My preferred setting to practice nursing.
  3. The responsibilities of a nurse in an emergency room setting.
  4. My perspective on nursing principles.
  5. Potential pathways to continue a career in the field.
  6. Exploring gender-related matters in nursing.
  7. The significance of collaborative efforts in the nursing profession.
  8. The evolving role of nursing in upcoming years.
  9. Services related to medical home care.
  10. The application of telehealth in nursing practice.

15 Good Nursing Persuasive Essay Topics

It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing an evidence based practice paper within course studies, a college application essay, or an independent research project. These 15 persuasive nursing essay topics will definitely spark creativity for outstanding writing!

  1. Exploring gender disparities in the profession: Is there a need to encourage more males to pursue nursing?
  2. Mandatory vaccinations for healthcare workers: Is it an essential measure?
  3. Increasing decision-making authority to improve patient outcomes: Is it beneficial?
  4. Prioritizing patient-centered treatment over cost-cutting measures in hospitals: Is it the right approach?
  5. Significant technological investment to minimize errors and enhance hospital patient monitoring: Is it warranted?
  6. Addressing professional burnout through workplace reforms: Is it a viable solution?
  7. Empowering nurses to prescribe medications to enhance patient care access: Is it a positive step?
  8. Integration of holistic practices into field-specific nursing: Is it advisable?
  9. Mandatory continuing education in the field: Is it necessary?
  10. Emphasizing pain management in education to gain better outcomes in chronic patients: Is it crucial?
  11. Regular cultural competence training for improved patient satisfaction: Is it impactful?
  12. Greater emphasis on patient education for improved self-management and outcomes: Is it beneficial?
  13. Increased involvement of nurses in public health campaigns for enhanced patient outcomes: Is it advantageous?
  14. Incorporating comprehensive mental health training into nursing curricula: Is it a valuable addition?
  15. Development of clear ethical guidelines for end-of-life care decisions: Is it necessary?

10 Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics to Choose From

Here are some of the best nursing argumentative essay topics to focus on when writing an argumentative type of paper:

  1. What is the impact of extended working hours on nurses’ performance?
  2. Are nurses at a higher risk of health-related issues compared to doctors?
  3. Is nursing predominantly a profession for females?
  4. Comparing the significance of the roles of nurses and doctors.
  5. What is the optimal number of nursing staff required in a hospital?
  6. Discrepancies in the salary between day shift and night shift nurses.
  7. Should there be a greater focus on home nursing?
  8. Do nurses exhibit more empathy compared to doctors?
  9. How crucial is it for nurses to manage their emotions effectively?
  10. Exploring the issue of racial discrimination in the field.

In case your writing focuses on mental health problems, the below mental health nursing essay topics will be useful.

15 Effective Mental Health Nursing Essay Topics

The primary responsibility of nurses in this domain involves strategizing and delivering care for individuals experiencing various mental health challenges. Mental health nurses play a crucial role in encouraging and assisting patients in their recovery and empowering them to actively participate in their own care, thereby gaining complete control over their condition. Focus points related to nursing in this domain include the following:

  1. The basics and fundamentals of mental health in a nurse career.
  2. Exploring factors and mental health challenges faced by individuals who have experienced sexual and physical abuse.
  3. Addressing cultural differences and their implications for mental health practice.
  4. Examining the potential for nurses to experience depression while caring for patients with mental health issues.
  5. Investigating the connection between mental health and physical well-being.
  6. Challenges and strategies for providing mental health care to children and adolescents.
  7. Identifying key ethical considerations in the treatment of mental health patients.
  8. Mental health practitioners’ role in preventing youth suicide.
  9. Assessing the repercussions of chronic illnesses on patients’ mental health.
  10. The role of nurses in managing anxiety disorders.
  11. Evaluating the effectiveness of diverse mental health interventions within the field.
  12. Examining how stigma influences field-specific practices and mental health care.
  13. Nurses’ contribution to addressing the mental health needs of diverse communities, including LGBTQ+ individuals.
  14. Nurse strategies aimed to provide adequate emotional and psychological support to individuals coping with dementia.
  15. The importance of incorporating trauma-informed care into mental health practices.

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